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Total Gas and Power Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are Total Gas and Power?

Total Gas and Power are the biggest industrial and commercial natural gas supplier in the UK, supplying energy since 2001 and owned by French Oil Supermajor Total SA. It is the first independent supplier of gas to the UK market. They supply over 175,000 sites; ranging from small and medium businesses to large industrial and commercial companies, as well as public service and non – profit organisations.

“We focus on the particular energy requirements of the business user and have developed the specific skills and experience to offer this market sector a superior service, competitive prices and a set of innovative products.”

They claim that, as a company which has a long history with gas and power, they have learned to be on the front line of the changing market place. They strive to remain responsive and flexible to suit the needs of every individual customer. They have been shortlisted for “Energy Supplier of The Year 2017” and are certified both ISO 9001 / 14001. Meaning they have met high standards for customer service and environmental awareness. They cater for SME, mid market, large and very large consumption customers and are part of the total group oil company, offering a fuel mix of 18% Gas, 5% Nuclear, 31% Coal, 42% Renewable energy.

“Our new starts team are on hand to ensure you enjoy a smooth, trouble free switch”

Tariffs and Offers

Total gas and power work exclusively with commercial and industrial businesses. They offer fixed rates for up to 5 years, an option to change your tariffs after 12 months and you are also able to choose 100% renewable energy. Whatever you are looking for, Total gas and power should have something to fit your needs.

On their website they have an “energy product selection tool” which enables you to describe your business and budgeting methods step by step to arrive at what they recommend would be the ideal product for you. Their products include:


  • Choose a fixed gas or electricity contract for 1-4 years
  • Synchronise your gas and electric billing
  • No need to search for new prices every year as prices will not rise

Five for Five:

  • No hassle option
  • Energy prices remain fixed for 5 years
  • Allows businesses to plan ahead long term

Eco – energy:

  • Energy supply from 100% renewable resources
  • Fixed plans available for 1 – 5 years
  • You receive an eco energy certificate that you can display for customers
  • Eco energy gas comes from food and farm waste and eco energy electricity is generated by natural rescources such as the sun, wind and sea.

Market Match:

  • Price will fall if market rate drops
  • Price may go up or down
  • First 12 months is fixed regardless
  • At the end of every year prices are compared to market prices and then your process will either rise or fall for the following year, although any changes will be explained. So if the market rate falls, you pay less, if the market price rises, you pay more.
  • Bit of a higher risk than the others


  • Perfect if you think your business needs may change within 12 months
  • Fixed price for 12 months
  • After 12 months you roll onto a variable tarrif
  • No exit fees
  • Synchronise your gas and electric bills


  • Offers a lower rate if the market price falls, but protects your from price rises in case of increases.
  • Agree a fixed price for the year
  • At the end of each 12 months your current price and market price will be compared and then the appropriate adjustments made.
  • Prices will only ever be amended to be less than they currently were, never risen to match market price.

Out of Contract Tariffs

Why should this interest me? This is really a precaution, in-case you’re to be caught out of contract you need to know what you’re in for. This will help you be prepared and be more alert to when your contract is coming to an end.

Gas deemed rates

Gas deemed rate is 4.62 pence/kWh plus a daily charge rate of £2.68

Power deemed rates

All HH Rates : 

  • Day : 17.04 p/kWh
  • Night : 9.27 p/kWh

NHH Rates :

MPAN Area Day p/kWh Night p/kWh Single p/kWh
18.48 10.27 17.33
East Midlands
19.09 11.12 16.70
Scottish Hydro
21.77 11.13 20.66
18.30 09.75 16.95
Merseyside and North West
18.94 09.89 17.58
18.34 09.89 16.93
18.21 10.92 16.39
North Western
18.34 10.10 16.71
South East
19.14 10.36 16.62
19.27 12.02 18.06
Scottish Power
20.80 10.89 19.21
South Wales
20.39 10.39 18.37
South Western
20.53 10.48 18.96
18.66 10.06 17.48

Deemed rates taken from

Meter Readings

“Meter reads can be submitted at any time”

You can submit these in 3 easy ways

  • Submit them online - Through your existing account with total gas and power you can easily submit your meter readings.

  • Call them - If you prefer to submit your meter reading by telephone please call 0333 003 7874 (available during business hours, Monday to Friday).

AMR Meters

Total gas and power do offer the option AMR on their website so an automatic meter reading option will be available to their customers. To date they have installed more than 70,000 AMR meters to businesses in the UK, being one of the most up to date suppliers for their meters.

Business Bills

Gas and electric bills are laid out simply and clearly with key information available to see. They explain how each bill is calculated online at which is where you can see the below bill example.

Ways To Pay:

  • Direct debit
  • Telephone with credit/ debit card
  • Direct bank transfer

Currently there is no way to pay through your online account, although this may be subject to change in the future.

Change of Tenancy

“Total Gas & Power always want to help our customers save time and money, which is why we have a team dedicated to helping you when you change premises.”

They have a dedicated team available to help you move premises as smoothly and quickly as possible. Simply fill in the online form with the info they require, and they will handle the rest.



  •  “Really happy with Total Gas & Power. We used to spend lots of time sorting out silly invoices from our previous supplier, but now we have enough time to focus fully on our business and customers.”
  •  “Always easy to contact and always able to answer any questions we may have. A good service all round.”
  •  “As a business owner with a keen eye on both price and service I am happy to recommend Total Gas & Power. The switch was very straightforward and I have recently extended our contract for another five years.”


  •  “Absolute Joke of a Company”
  •  “This Company HATES its customers”
  •  “Terrible service”

Reviews are from



Business only supplier so business focused

Customer service can be poor

Clear and easy to read bills

Cannot pay through online account

Plenty of tariffs to choose from

Can be slow to resolve issues

Total Gas & Power Contact Details

Contact Number:

0800 027 0072


Total Gas & Power

Bridge Gate

55-57 High Street




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