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SSE Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are SSE?

SSE (Formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) strive to make your business energy contract simple! Whether your business is big or small. Their focus is making management of your energy bills and requirements as simple as possible. They state that by offering customers their full attention they can help you choose the right contract from the very start. Like other suppliers, SSE are very proactive in helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint through promoting Green energy options and offering helpful advice on reducing consumption. Helping the environment and your business at the same time.

SSE Business Energy supplies around 500,000 businesses with electricity and gas, serving a wide variety of clients. They boast a “depth of industry knowledge� which means they “are uniquely positioned to help businesses”

“We’ll keep things practical and realistic so that you can get on with running your business.

We strive to get our service right first time, but where we don’t meet your expectations we will work quickly and effectively to provide a solution.”


  • Flexible Energy Contracts
  • Fixed Energy Contracts
  • Annual Tracker Supply Contracts
  • Short Term Operating Reserve Contract
  • Third Party Sleeving Contract

Out of Contract Tariffs

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Meter Readings

SSE have a simpler approach to meter reading submissions. It’s not quite as techy or transportable as the app’s that other suppliers offer but it’s straight to the point and easy to remember.

You can submit these in 3 easy ways

  • Submit them on the online form - it’s as simple as going to their website: and filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Make sure you have all your information to hand as this method doesn’t save any account details for next time unless you make an account.

    “It is essential that any readings provided by you are as accurate as they can be so that we can use them effectively”

  • Create online account and add them directly - This is a good alternative to having paper billing. It allows business to download copies of their previous bills, see a good overview of their spending and to keep all the necessary details in one place.

    SSE boast their online accounts give you everything you need to manage your business energy, offering you to view your bills and submit readings, manage your supply portfolio and run reports on your consumption.

  • Call them - on 0345 725 2526 and submit your meter reading that way. It’s a handy method for anyone who prefers to deal with things over the phone or isn’t too keen on doing everything online.

Smart meters

SSE will begin its Smart meter rollout to business customers in Summer 2018 (for SMETS2 type meters) and the new meters will be installed free of charge.

Smart metering is designed to save your business time, energy and money. It will provide important information that can help you keep track of your business’ energy consumption.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Automated meter-reading and accurate billing
  • The ability to improve your energy management through better understanding of how your business consumes energy
  • Up-to-date billing information and data provided directly from the meter

“With Smart metering you can be billed every month or every quarter on actual readings. This allows for improved budgeting and forecasting.”

Business Bills

“You can pay your energy bills by direct debit, bank transfer, by cheque or over the counter at a bank, post office or where you see a Pay Point sign.”

Ways To Pay:

  • Cheque
  • Direct Debit
  • BACS
  • Cash at the Post Office or a Bank Counter
  • Pay Point Locations

SSE have a very helpful webpage containing all the necessary information to pay your bill.

SSE make bills simple and easy to understand, including

  • Unique customer account number
  • Business name and billing address
  • The billing period of the invoice
  • Service account number and invoice number
  • Physical supply address
  • Breakdown of charges being applied
  • This indicates the number of invoices that are being totalled on the customer account balance
  • Total including any outstanding balance from previous bills

This bill and information were taken from

Change of Tenancy

SSE make change of tenancy very easy, simply call them on 02920 249950

Or email them at: , if you’re moving out of your premises they’ll need:

  • The date you’re moving out
  • Your new address – just so they can still contact you regarding final bills
  • The new occupier or the landlord along with contact information for them

If you’re moving into a premise and the supplier is already SSE they will ask for the following information:

  • Your business name and contact information
  • The move in date
  • The forwarding address for the previous customer
  • The full address of the premises
  • If you have it, a meter reading



  •   “We've been very happy with SSE, who we use for our home and business premises. Control over how we spread out payments, reasonable cost and no nasty surprises”
  •   “Switched to SSE for electricity, and I cannot commend them enough. They were really great at keeping me informed at every step of the switch. Seen some of the negative reviews, I can only say that I have been thoroughly impressed with them throughout my time with them”
  •   “Only been with SSE for a few months but so far very impressed. Had no problems sorting a reasonable tariff and payment scheme. They were also very helpful when we wanted to change our pre-pay meter to a credit meter straight away. Customer service staff were always so pleasant and eager to help solve any queries and issues”


  •   ”Good price to start with but then at contract end goes up by hundreds”
  •   “I've used SSE in the past and agree with other reviews - really poor customer service, costs were high and resolving issues was not easy”
  •   “Been with SSE for years but moving now as prices just too high and no reward or care for customer loyalty”



Competitive prices on tariffs

Customers claiming prices rise through contract

Clear billing and invoices

Long wait times on customer service

Flexible terms around many contracts

No rewards for loyal customers

SSE Contact Details

Contact No:

0800 783 4121

Head Office Address:

55 Vastern Road



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