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Smartest Energy Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are Smartest Energy?

Smartest energy claim to be a low cost alterative to the big 6, focusing on smart metering and helping you and your business to better manage your energy. With smart metering they are helping their customers be more aware of their energy consumption, which in turn helps them to reduce their usage. Smartest Energy are aiming to establish themselves as “a genuine low-cost SME alternative to the 'Big 6'.”, providing competitive supply rates, they regularly review the market rates and offer new customers a price match guarantee.

Smartest Energy is an independent, UK owned energy supplier leading the way in Smart Meter billing, low energy prices and dedicated Customer Services.”

Tariffs and Offers

  • Fixed tariffs for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • SMART Saver - 3 Year + Annual Price Review – fixed price for the first 12 months then an annual review to make sure you are paying the most competitive price, also includes a price match is you find a cheaper option elsewhere.
  • Budget Plans available – Meaning fixed monthly payments for your electricity usage
  • Focused on providing smart meters to every customer to provide accurate bills and estimates to save your business money.
  • A Web Analyser service to see how your energy is being used.
  • They support small and big businesses.
  • UK based customer service.
  • Hassle free, seamless transfer – they manage the transfer from your previous supplier for you.
  • Direct Debit payment option available.

Out of Contract Tariffs

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Why should this interest me? This is really a precaution, in-case you’re to be caught out of contract you need to know what you’re in for. This will help you be prepared and be more alert to when your contract is coming to an end.

“Our Low User Tariff is designed for businesses with an annual usage of less than 5,000 kWh. This is lower than the average consumption of a business, meaning we are unable to offer our discounted contract rates. It is a variable tariff with a 30-day notice period.”

“Our Smart Flex tariff gives business customers access to competitive supply prices without the commitment of a long-term contract. Plus, with a 30-day notice period, you will have the flexibility to switch supplier at any time, should you find a better deal for your business electricity. This means you’re free to leave without termination fees, provided you give us the required notice in writing and that any outstanding Smartest Energy invoices are paid.”

“Our non-discounted ‘Standard Tariff’ rates apply to Smartest Energy customers who do not pay by monthly Direct Debit and/or if you move into premises where Smartest Energy is the existing electricity supplier, and have not actively agreed contracted rates with us”

Meter Readings

Smartest energy gives you 2 options for submitting your meter readings, both are very simple and easy to use. So, whether you’re in a hurry or can take your time they’ve got the right options for you.

  • Submit them online - No need to open an account or anything like that, just follow the simple step by step website. Make sure you have your account number and meter serial number to hand.

    Then choose whether you need to submit electric or gas and fill out the given form.

  • Call them - If you prefer to submit your meter reading by telephone please call 0800 088 4581.

Smartest Energy also offer a helpful guide on reading your meter and getting the correct reading.

Business Bills

Smartest Energy say they’ve designed their invoices with their customers feedback in mind. Their aim is to have an invoice where you can see the most important things very quickly and clearly.

Bill example is taken from

Currently the only option for payment is Direct Debit.

Change of Tenancy

Unlike many energy providers the only way to move premises or suppliers when you’re with Smartest Energy is to call them or email them. Many people prefer to be able to change online out of convenience or hassle but with Smartest Energy you’ll need to phone 01903 703400 or email and provide them with an up to date meter reading.



  •  “I was hesitant at first about agreeing a contract with an unknown supplier. I am now so glad that I took a leap of faith. My bills have been halved, partly due to a better unit price and partly due to being charged for the correct consumption”
  •  “Very pleased to say I had a seamless transfer, which has never happened before and bills have been much cheaper than previously & had no billing problems! There is a 1st for everything! well done dual!”


  •  “Beware, extremely poor customer service, rude staff and they don't offer you any help whatsoever.”
  •  “Not a good company to do business with. they said I wasn't using enough power to be on the tariff I was so they increased my tariff & the daily charge then a month later increased my monthly direct debit from £45 to £65 then two months after that increased it to £106 a month.”

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Easy transfer to them

Mixed reviews on prices

Less known than one of the leading suppliers

Caution from customers on the small print

Accurate charging for your consumption

Difficult transfers switching

Smartest Energy Contact Details

Contact Number:

01903 703400


Smartest Energy

Premium House

The Esplanade


BN11 2BJ

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