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Orsted Energy Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are Orsted Energy?

Orsted (previously known by Dong Energy) are an innovative energy supplier who collaborate closely with their customers. Orsted Energy are always providing fresh solutions for your business needs, that can be tailored to meet the demands and characteristics of your business.

With a large focus on renewable energy they pride themselves in being the world’s largest generator of offshore wind energy and believe in sustainable future for energy supply. By having competitive prices and offering renewable energy without the premium it’s not hard to see why Orsted Energy are a compelling choice for businesses today.

ORSTED Energy offer a hands-on approach by saying:

“Our electricity products are developed in close collaboration with customers. As a result, we offer fresh solutions that can be tailored to suit your business needs and characteristics.”

Tariffs and Offers

  • Close collaboration with their customers to find tariffs to suit your business
  • Renewable energy without the premiums
  • Protection from falling market conditions
  • Pay one unit price based on consumption for the year
  • They support small and big consumers
  • You can choose the supply point that’s easiest for you
  • Options of both fixed and flexible energy contracts
  • Automatic Meter Reader installation is free of charge

Out of Contract Tariffs

You will be supplied on a deemed rate when you are out of contract, this happens if you haven’t renewed the contract with your current supplier or haven’t moved to a new provider. So until a new signed contract is agreed with a supplier you should consider the rates. Deemed rates can be higher than normal contract rates so it’s best to keep them in mind.

Electricity Rates

Gas Rates

You can see these in more detail at until the officially become Orsted.

Meter Readings

Orsted Energy offer up to date and easy to use methods for tracking your usage and submitting meter readings, to avoid the inaccurate estimates and the unfair invoices that come along with them.

“We use precise readings rather than estimates to calculate your invoice.”

You can submit these in 2 easy ways

  • Automatically Online - This is the simple and easiest way. You can submit them with or without an online account, but here are many benefits to having an online account. Within 5 business days of the end of the month the meter readings will be collected automatically so you don’t have to do anything. This also allows you to keep track of how much you are spending in a simple and understandable way through your online account.
  • Manually - If you don’t have don’t have an Automatic Meter Reader fitted or the readings aren’t available, meter reading will be estimated. But you can alternatively feel free to contact them to give them the readings by phone at 02078115200 or the other contact methods available.

Automatic Meter Reader

Automatic Meter Reader (AMR)are being installed for allOrsted Energy customers free of charge, so your consumption is sent through SMS to your own personal secure online portal for you to access the information. This will mean that your readings are sent automatically, you won’t have to remember to manually take them. You can easy monitor your usage to reduce wastage therefore saving money! And they use accurate readings opposed to estimates to calculate your invoice, so no nasty surprises or unfair invoices.

Business Bills

Ways to Pay:

  • Online with your debit/credit card.
  • At a bank or debit or credit card, standing order or cash.
  • Register for an online account and pay by Direct Debit.
  • Call 02078115200 and pay over the phone.

Orsted Energy website is easy to navigate and contains all the relevant documents you need. Also, FAQs are clear, understandable and contain all the links and contact details you’ll need.

Change of Tenancy

If you need to change your tenancy you need to submit a written notice to Orsted Energy. This notice needs to be given at least 30 days in advance and must include all the necessary details, such as supply point changes and the charges associated with them. You will then be sent the final bill for the month when the supply of electricity has been ceased to the old tenancy.



  •  “Great company highly recommend”
  •  “The customer service from this company is appalling."


  •  I called Dong (Now Ofsted) to tell them that it's no longer me on that address and to ask to finish up my bill so I can pay it and be free from bills from the old place. And I never heard from them.
  •  There has been no resolution with Dong (Now Ofsted) and they refuse to admit that the bill was an error. I am not at all happy with this

Reviews taken from and Google reviews.

How Much Notice do I Have to Give to Leave?

  •   If you're on a fixed price plan look for your contract end date on your bill.
  •  If you're on a flexible planyou'll need to give them 30 days’ notice in writing.
  •  For anything else check your terms & conditions.



Easy to contact

Bad reviews about payment issues

They have a excellent website

Varied customer service experiences

Great work on renewable energy

Lack of reviews online

ORSTED Energy Contact Details

Contact No:


Head Office Address:

ORSTED Energy (UK) Ltd.,

5 Howick Place,



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