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Npower Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are Npower?

Npower is one of Britain’s leading energy companies, and is part of the Innogy group - one of Europe’s leading electricity and gas companies. They serve around 5.1 million residential and business accounts with electricity and gas. More and more businesses are now choosing sustainable energy options and with a huge company overhaul at the beginning of last year, Npower are now more focused than ever stating …

“Our main priority across the business is customer service and meeting the needs of our customers, making sure they get the energy they need, whilst doing our bit for the environment too”

Not only do they pride themselves on customer service, but are keenly aware of their environmental and social impact saying…

“Ethical matters and our impact on society are also key factors in our business decision making process … We want to ensure that our employees understand and are engaged with social and environmental issues too”

For business customers, they offer both fixed and variable tariffs on both business electricity and gas. Beyond being a supplier, they also offer businesses services such as help with new connections, help with managing energy, and even help generating energy including Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Tariffs and Offers

Npower splits their tariffs between small businesses and medium – large businesses and offer both fixed and variable rate tariffs.

Small Business Fixed / Variable Tariff Energy Plans Highlights

  • Fixed prices for up to 3 years
  • No unexpected price rises
  • Pick the best contract length for you
  • Pay by Direct Debit or cash/cheque
  • Save 5% surcharge by paying by Direct Debit
  • Change suppliers with just 30 days notice
  • No credit check or deposit needed
  • If energy prices drop, your bills will go down

Out of Contract Tariffs

Why should this interest me? This is really a precaution, in-case you’re to be caught out of contract you need to know what you’re in for. This will help you be prepared and be more alert to when your contract is coming to an end.

Default Electricity Prices

Default Gas Prices

These prices have been taken directly from Npower’s website, for a closer look go to

Meter Readings

Whether a dial/digital meter, Npower provide easy to use steps to take an accurate meter reading on their website, with the option to send a reading from your account to get more accurate bill estimations. Npower do offer the option to upgrade your existing meter to a smart meter, although there may be a cost involved.

You can submit these in 3 easy ways

  • Submit them online - On a simple website layout, choose your gas or electric supply and submit your readings through their online form.

  • Call them - Submit your meter reading over the phone on their freephone number 0800 138 2322

Business Bills

Npower like to assure their customers that their bills are “easy to read and straight to the point ‘’. They offer a dedicated webpage to help you to make sense of your bills.

When you receive a gas or electricity bill in the post from Npower, you’ll see it’s made up of:

  • an energy statement at the front
  • an invoice overleaf

You get your standard bill information ; MPAN/ Supply number, meter number, meter reading, tariff, VAT rate, charges and also a dedicated “loss of supply number” which can give you some peace of mind should you have issues with your supply.

Ways To Pay:

  • Via internet banking
  • At a bank or Post Office by cheque, debit or credit card, standing order or cash.
  • Pay by Direct Debit.
  • Call their automatic system and pay over the phone on 0845 070 4666

They also offer to backdate VAT declarations and Climate Change Levy exemptions for 4 years.

Online bills are even simpler and easy to navigate through with the side menu allowing you to view everything you need to. This can also come in very handy for dealing any previous bills and queries.

Change of Tenancy

Npower don’t seem to have a simple form to fill out online, it asks you either to call them or for you to enter your details and they will call you. Otherwise you can go print their online form, which you will need to fill in and post to them.



  •  "Never had a problem with N power, been with them 10 years and moved 3 times without problems"
  •  "We've been with Npower for a whole now and I've found them a relatively good energy company - always polite and helpful call centre staff too."
  •  "Nice, efficient customer service staff who listen to your query and do the best to get you the most competitive offer based on your usage"


  •  "I was on hold to music for 20mins then as I heard a connection, I said hello, the line disconnected, I tried again. This time on hold for 47mins. I said hello, the line disconnected."
  •  "It has just taken one hour and 3 minutes, speaking to five different people explaining myself five times, just to log a compliant. After countless issues with Npower in the past they are now trying to charge us for a supply from 2013 for a property we moved out of in 2011"
  •  "The worst company I have ever had to deal with. They plumb uncharted depths of incompetence. In excess of 15 phone calls to resolve a first billing issue, the matter remains unsolved. Definitely not recommended if you wish to retain your sanity."

Reviews taken from and

How Much Notice do I Have to Give to Leave?

Npower don’t give a clear amount of notice required, the best way to find out how much notice you need to give would be to check your contract or phone their customer service team and ask.



They offer a variety of fixed and flexible tariffs

Mixed Customer Service Reviews

An easy to navigate and use website

Customers say rates may go up over time

They have a key focus on renewable energy and customer transparency

Wait time on the phone can vary

Npower Contact Details

Contact No:

Electricity helpline:

0845 166 3360

Gas helpline:

0845 166 3320

Head Office Address:

Npower Group Ltd

Windmill Hill Business Park

Whitehill Way



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