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Eon Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are E.on?

E.on are currently one of the UK’s largest energy providers and 1 of “The Big 6”. Supplying energy to over 500,000 businesses. E.on pride themselves in always taking a practical and responsible approach towards your business’ electricity needs. With a strong focus on improving your carbon footprint they have great interest in innovative energy solutions. By having competitive prices and being a strong leader of going green it’s easy to see why E.on are a popular choice for businesses.

E.on offer a hands on approach by saying:

“We’ll first analyse the energy and operating costs of your existing infrastructure. Then we can advise you on how to further increase the energy efficiency of your company, as well as how to optimise existing consumption.”

Tariffs and Offers

  • Fixed tariffs for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Pay by monthly direct debit and save up to 7%
  • Along with helping you to reduce your carbon footprint, they also strive to improve your energy efficiency and help you generate additional revenue streams. All adding to your savings.
  • They guarantee on average 20-40% savings on your energy cost
  • They support small and big businesses.
  • Willing to negotiate if you’re a larger business or corporation
  • Guaranteed pricing for the length of the contract so your bills won’t increase because of pricing.
  • Contract end dates are included on all monthly bills so that you aren’t caught out by out of contract price stings.

Out of Contract Tariffs

Why should this interest me? This is really a precaution, in-case you’re to be caught out of contract you need to know what you’re in for. This will help you be prepared and be more alert to when your contract is coming to an end.

You can see these in more detail at

Meter Readings

E.on offer up to date and easy to use methods for tracking your usage and submitting meter readings.

“Meter readings help you avoid estimated bills and paying for more energy than you use.”

You can submit these in 3 easy ways

  • Submit them online in a simple and easy way. You can submit them with or without an online account. There are many benefits to having an online account, mainly the ease of being able to access your bills at any time but this will allow you to keep track of spending and see how your energy is stacking up with their “Saving Energy Toolkit”.

  • Call them and submit your meter reading over the phone, if you’re not overly technical they don’t expect you to conform. Feel free to phone them on 0345 055 0065 and submit your reading that way.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are being installed for E.on customers free of charge, in line with the Government wanting a smart meter installed in every home and business by 2020. E.on are installing their customers with them already. This will mean that your readings are sent automatically, you won’t have to remember every month anymore!! They’ll do all the work for you and what’s more, you can track your energy usage and avoid any surprise bills.

Business Bills

Ways To Pay:

  • Online or on the mobile app with your debit/credit card.
  • At a bank or Post Office by cheque, debit or credit card, standing order or cash.
  • Register for an online account and pay by Direct Debit.
  • Call 0345 055 0065 and pay over the phone.

They also offer to backdate VAT declarations and Climate Change Levy exemptions for 4 years.

E.on offer simple and easy to understand bills, with a clear breakdown of costs and a consumption tracker you can keep on top of your spending and averages over the year.

Unlike some suppliers E.on’s supply number and usage are very clear ad easy to see.

They also include your contract end date of each bill, this will help you to make sure that you never go out of contract, therefore avoiding any nasty surprises and charges.

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Online bills are even simpler and easy to navigate through with the side menu allowing you to view everything you need to. This can also come in very handy for dealing any previous bills and queries.

E.on’s website is particularly helpful when it comes to FAQ’s and explaining who they are and what they do. This made answering any questions very easy and open.

Change of Tenancy

If you need to change your tenancy E.on have a very simple procedure, fill out their online form and they will then close your account and send you the final bill. You’ll need to have quite a bit of information to hand to fill it in.



  •  "We have been with them a long time never had a problem, we may have been lucky but have to say anytime we contacted them it has been a good experience"
  •  "Phoned Eon up, only 1 gripe, took 40mins to get to speak to someone, but when I did, my issue was resolved, quickly, efficiently, but more importantly, the customer service agent, was absolutely brilliant."
  •  "I can honestly say we have had no problems with Eon since we started using them. Fixed tariff and they inform me if there is a cheaper one"


  •  "Unable to provide accurate bills and unresponsive to complaints that span months. The billing staff untrained and argumentative"
  •  "If you want to spend hours waiting on the phone to speak to an advisor to sort out a simple query then they are the people for you"
  •  "Shocking service with high prices, shopped around and found a better supplier and just switched"

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How Much Notice do I Have to Give to Leave?

  •   If you're on a fixed price plan look for your contract end date on your bill. It will be on each bill so you aren’t caught out.
  •  If you're on a variable plan, you'll need to give them 30 days' notice.
  •  For anything else check your terms & conditions.



They offer good discounts on Direct Debits

Mixed customer service reviews

They have a brilliant website and app

They aren’t recognized as a cheaper option

They work hard at energy efficiency

Long wait times on the phone

E.ON Contact Details

Contact No:

0345 052 0000

Head Office Address:

PO Box 7750,



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