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ENGIE Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are ENGIE?

ENGIE are supplying energy to homes and businesses in 70 countries across five continents around the world. ENGIE is succeeding in the challenge to make energy more sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by introducing and promoting high added value energy efficiency solutions. ENGIE offers a heating control system operated using an app on your tablet or smartphone. Enabling customers to control their heating and hot water remotely. ENGIE also reward the loyalty of their existing customers, not saving their best deals for new customers only, they promise that when your contract comes to an end, they will put you on their cheapest deal available at that time. That is their Rate Rollover Promise.

“Across the UK, we provide low-carbon energy to hospitals from Liverpool to Leeds, Birmingham to Southampton. We’re constructing solar power facilities in Peru. We even sustainably heat the 3000 homes and businesses in London’s Olympic Park. Near or far, there are few places where we aren’t innovating.”

ENGIE are one of the leading suppliers when it comes to green energy. They are constantly working to push the boundaries of zero-carbon energy sources like hydroelectricity, biomass, biogas, wind and solar power.

Tariffs and Offers

  • Price fixed tariffs
  • Flexible tariffs with no fixed end date
  • Receive a smart thermostat on selected plans
  • Control your heating via an app
  • 100% renewable electricity on selected plans
  • You save £15 a year by choosing paperless bills
  • In less than 3 minutes you could save up to £300

“Supplying the world with energy comes with a big responsibility to the planet. We understand that. So that’s why we keep sustainability and renewability at the forefront of everything we do”

The ENGIE Tracker

With the ENGIE Tracker, your total unit rate is made up of fixed and variable costs. The fixed part of your unit rate is a set price and will not change throughout your contract. With the Tracker plan, this variable unit rate can go up or down monthly, as the energy market changes. But without the stress and worry of prices going sky high, ENGIE will cap your total unit rate to protect you from unusually high energy market price increases.

Meter Readings

There are several ways you can send a meter reading to ENGIE

  • Submit it online - The easiest way is to log into your My ENGIE account and send it from there.

  • Email - You can also go to their contact page and use the email form, just select "Submit a meter reading" in the Contact Reason section. Include whether it's a Gas or Electricity reading, and include your account number too. Send to
  • By Phone - Or you can give your meter reading over the phone by calling their Customer Care Team on 0113 306 2151

For help reading your meter, ENGIE has a handy step by step guide to reading many different types of gas and electricity meters, or you can call there award winning customer service team for more help and direction.

Smart meters

Between now and 2020, UK energy companies will be offering smart meters to their customers, free of charge. Your smart meter will be installed by your energy supplier, with all costs covered by them. smart meters are connected via their own secure wireless network using radio waves, it transfers meter readings from your home directly to your supplier using a wireless network. You will also receive an ‘In Home Display’ (IHD) which is a secondary screen with a more detailed breakdown of your power consumption that you can mount in your home. Allowing you to keep track of how much your electricity and gas is costing you in real-time and even show how you can save energy (and money) by using power at different times during the day.

Business Bills

Ways to Pay:

Fixed Monthly Direct Debit - Most people choose to pay by fixed monthly direct debit because it’s simpler, more convenient and helps you budget. Plus, it’s usually cheaper. If you choose to pay a fixed monthly amount, ENGIE will help you estimate how much energy you’ll use over a year and then smooth the cost into 12 equal monthly amounts. If you choose to pay by fixed monthly Direct Debit, ENGIE will send you regular statements to tell you how your account stands.

Pay When You Receive a Bill - If you choose to pay when you receive your bill, ENGIE will send you a bill every three months with a request for payment. You can either pay this automatically by variable direct debit online or over the phone. Some customers prefer this method and feel more in control, although you may run the risk of unexpectedly higher bills, especially in the colder months.

Change of Tenancy

If you need to change your tenancy then just give the ENGIE Customer Care Team a call on 0800 280 8000 and they will be happy to help guide you through the process.

Alternatively, you can use their easy online form, just be sure to have all the necessary details. This method requires a lot of information to hand.



  •   “Seamless transfer from previous provider. Waiting times on the phone has been minimal each time I have phoned. Customer service has been excellent. Not much else needs to be said!”
  •  “Just contacted them for transfer of energy supply. Excellent customer service. Totally honestly and able to answer all questions without hesitation. Fingers crossed a positive transfer. Worth a look”
  •   "Everything went smoothly and the call centre, based in Newcastle, were brilliant, fixed for two years. Very satisfied up to now"


  •  “Expensive and useless! Only just received an invoice 15 months later for a single week of electricity supply from when we took over premises and then switched to another supplier. Nearly £300 for a single week as we were classed as 'out of contract' and charged an outrageous tariff for that short period of time.”
  •  “Wanted to switch to them as they advertised a good price, but all I get is a phone message saying 'please hold on, one of the team will be with you shortly' - useless. Guess I find someone else to switch to....”
  •  “I am using them for a business account and after writing more than three letters I was told the additional charges would be finally credited to our account, I'm still waiting."

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Honest and upfront costs

Mixed customer reviews

Excellent customer service

Smart meters not currently available for all tariffs

Seamless transfers

Engie Contact Details

Contact No:

0333 666 0276


Engie Head Office

Q3, Quorum Business Park

Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8EX

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