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Drax Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are Drax?

Drax are an outgoing energy supplier, they want to get to know you and your business personally. This personal and friendly attitude towards their customers helps them to provide tailored contracts and quick solutions for your energy supply needs. They provide you with your own account manager and have dedicated service advisors, so customer service is excellent and efficient at solving any issues you may encounter. Drax are part of the Drax Group, who pride themselves in being the UKs biggest renewable energy generator, so Drax only supply renewable energy and have a large focus on a sustainable future. Also with their secure supply from the Drax Group they offer competitive prices and reliable energy to all customers. It's not hard to see why Drax are an award winning and an attractive option for businesses across the UK with personalised energy contracts that are friendly for the environment.

Drax offer a personal approach by saying:

“By taking time to get to know your business, Drax make sure you get the right product – and the most straightforward, stress-free electricity contract possible”.

Tariffs and Offers

  • Options of both fixed and flexible contracts
  • Support for both small and large businesses
  • A range of fixed plans to suit your business
  • Various contract length options
  • Great customer service with dedicated support teams
  • A fully sustainable energy supply
  • Automatic meter readings to keep things easy and simple
  • Protection from changes in electricity prices

Out of Contract Tariffs

You will be supplied on deemed rates when you are out of contract, this happens if you haven’t renewed your contract or moved to a new provider. Deemed rates can be higher than normal contract rates so it’s best to keep them in mind so you'll be better prepared for when your contract is coming to an end.

You can see these in more detail at

Meter Readings

Drax offer convenient and easy to use methods for submitting meter readings, this is to avoid the inaccurate estimates and the unfair invoices that come along with estimated readings.

“Smart meter technology allows you to effectively monitor energy use and can help keep costs low.”

You can submit these in 2 easy ways

  • Automatically - If you have an automated meter reader installed the reading will be sent automatically so you don’t have anything to worry about. This is the most convenient way as you don’t have to remember to take them manually. It also ensures accurate readings and negates the need for any estimates which can be confusing and unfair.
  • Manually - Alternatively if you don’t have an automated meter reader installed or the readings can't be received for any reason. You can contact your account manager, either by email or phone, and submit your meter readings manually that way.

Smart Meters

Smart meters help you have better control on your energy by allowing you to monitor and manage how your energy is being used. This can then help you to identify how to use your electricity more efficiently to therefore save you money and reduce consumption. Drax offer two smart meter options for their customers. The "Installation package" is a cheap smart reader package which automatically submits your meter readings on a monthly basis to guarantee accurate readings and invoices. The "Control package" is a complete smart meter package and gives you online access to your daily energy usage. With a clear design, customers can view their energy consumption which is recorded every 30 minutes and identify any wasted energy being used in the business

Business Bills

Ways To Pay:

  • Online with your debit/credit card.
  • At a bank or debit or credit card, standing order or cash.
  • Register for an online account and pay by Direct Debit.
  • Call your account manager and pay over the phone.

Drax website is well laid out, easy to navigate and contains an excellent search feature. Also the FAQs are clear, well addressed and contain all the information that you would want to know.

Change of Tenancy

To move premises, you need to get in contact with your Haven account manager. This needs to be done 7 days in advance or more to provide your final meter reading and your new address, this can be done by phone or by email, all the contact information can be found on your invoice. If you do not contact them to terminate your account, you will continue to be charged for any energy supplied to the premises. Any excess credit on your account when it is terminated will be refunded by either a cheque or into your bank account.

If you wish to continue using Haven Energy as your energy supplier at your new property, inform your account manager while giving your 7 days' notice so he can provide you with quotes for the new premise.






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How Much Notice do I Have to Give to Leave?

  •  You will be given a contract term when you choose a plan this will contain your contract end date
  •  You need to give them 30 days' written notice to terminate your account during the contract term
  •  For anything else check your terms & conditions



They offer good smart meter options

Lack of reviews online

They have a great and clear website

Metering options are hard to find

They only use sustainable energy

Terms of service are difficult to access

Drax Contact Details

Contact No:

01473 725943

Head Office Address:

32 The Havens, 

Ransomes Europark,



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