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Compare Business Gas Suppliers And Save Up To £1,350

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Business Gas Suppliers

With so many different commercial gas suppliers to choose from it can be overwhelming for any business when it comes to their renewals or opening a new business.  Where do you start?  What makes them different?  We’ve made it easier for you.

Every business is different, with unique needs and ideas.  So, take some time to decide what’s most important to you in your energy supplier.  We to help you find not only the right price but the right supplier to suit your business style.

Often the most important thing businesses look for in their new supplier is the lowest price, but for many customer service and reputation is just as importance.  We’ve created a breakdown of the most popular suppliers and some of the smaller suppliers that have a lot of offer.

Avanti Gas - They are one of the largest suppliers of LPG in the UK but are also a big supplier of natural gas and have biomass options which are renewable.
They’re proud of the way they stay ahead of future trends, allowing them to keep their prices stable. They work very closely with their customers, taking
time to get to know your business needs.

BES Utilities - BES Utilities is a UK-based, independently owned group of companies. They provide commercial electricity and gas, as well as business
telecommunications. BES offer simple easy and quick quotes. They also strive to help businesses lower their utility bills and save money.

British Gas - British Gas are the UK’s largest domestic energy supplier but also supply energy to over 400,000 businesses. That’s more than any other
supplier! With 200 years’ experience, they work hard with the community and at being reliable and trustworthy.

Corona Energy - With a focus on giving great quality service all the way through customers contracts and staff who are well trained and dedicated to helping their customers and potential customers. They also offer customers a lot of support on saving on energy themselves, with many tools available to help you do that.

Drax Previously Haven Power, Drax strive to have a more personal approach, Drax like to get to know you and your business to help their customers as much as possible. You’ll have your very own account manager that makes your customer service a strong part of Drax’s focus.

EON As one of “The Big 6” E. On are currently one of the UK’s largest energy providers. They have a strong Interest in your carbon footprint and providing innovative energy solutions.

Engie As a business and domestic energy supplier in 70 countries around the world, Engie succeed in making energy more sustainable and efficient.
Customers can control their heating and hot water remotely allowing more control. They also strive to reward their loyal customers instead of giving the best deals to new customers.

Gazprom Energy As well as supplying their own customers Gazprom also provides to other gas suppliers in the UK. They also supply gas in 4 countries and supply over 30,000 industrial and commercial customers. They also have award winning customer service, quite often customers till understandably choose that over the cheapest price so they’re well worth considering.

Npower - As one of the leading energy companies in Britain, Npower serve over 5 million homes and businesses with gas and electric. They personally say their main priority is customer service and want to be more than just a supplier, rather, a business service to help with new connections, managing and generating energy.

Opus Energy Opus Energy is the fifth-largest B2B energy supplier, powering over 355,000 business premises with renewable electricity. Specialising in servicing small businesses, Opus Energy is part of Drax Group, the first business in the world to announce an ambition to become carbon negative by 2030.

Orsted Energy Previousy Dong Energy, Orsted Energy strive to have a close communication with their customers and to keep providing fresh Solutions for your business and it’s needs. They take pride in being the world’s largest generator of offshore energy and believe in sustaining for the future.

PFP Energy As a supplier PFP Energy strive to be one of the top 10 cheapest national tariffs, they can do this because they’re A non-profit energy supplier. They’re well known by their customers as being honest and good value for money.

Scottish Power Scottish Power state that they believe their job is more than just to supply energy. Another of “The Big 6” Based in Scotland, supplying more than 5 million domestic and business premises across the UK. The remain up to date with changes and offer their current customers the best deals possible.

Shell Energy Previously Hudson Energy, they are now part of Shell Energy. An innovative supplier of renewable energy Shell Energy aim to provide energy solutions that are competitive prices as well as suited to the customers business. They only supply energy from their renewable fuel mix, so there is a large emphasis on sustainability and a personal relationship to give you the best service available.

Smartest Energy – Previously Dual Energy and an independent energy supplier they aim to establish themselves out side of "The Big 6" and using that to their advantage. They strive to offer lower prices than the bigger companies and focus on smart metering for better management and usage.

SSE SSE’s style is simple and effective. They state that from the very beginning they give attention to putting you on the right Contract. With a depth of industry knowledge, they are in a unique position to help your business.

TotalEnergies Gas & Power - They supply over 175,000 sites; ranging from small and medium businesses to large industrial and commercial companies, as well as public service and non – profit organisations. As a company with a long history they’ve learnt to be on top of changes to the market place and

Yu Energy A quickly growing energy supplier who have a big focus on their customers and the service they receive. They offer a no wait phone service along with a personal account manager, truly showing your business the care and support it deserves.