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British Gas Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are British Gas?

While British Gas are the UK’s largest supplier for domestic energy, they also supply energy to over 400,000 businesses in the UK. That’s more than any other business supplier. That can’t be a coincidence.

“Here at British Gas we are dedicated to helping the environment and this means reducing energy consumption levels”

British Gas have been powering homes, communities and businesses for more than an amazing 200 years. They also work hard to help the community, whether people are their customers or not.

Direct from their website British Gas state:

We are committed to doing what’s right and making a difference in local communities in three main ways:

  • Helping people who need extra support to keep their homes warm and working
  • Building the skills Britain needs to power the homes of the future
  • Giving our time and resources to support local causes

British Gas seem very genuine in wanting to make a difference and help the community. They explain that business electricity and gas prices are calculated differently to domestic prices, for that reason they will help you personally find the best deal with them. Something that suits you and your business.

Tariffs and Offers

  • Experience with small and multi-national businesses
  • Fixed prices for 1, 2 and 3-year contracts, the cost of your business gas and electricity will stay the same as market prices fluctuate.
  • Flexile terms that run for either one, two or three years
  • Save 7% when you pay by direct debit each month
  • Expert help for businesses spending over £100,000 a year on energy
  • Guaranteed price match on renewals
  • Offers for Landlords including no standing charge

Out of Contract Tariffs

Why should this interest me? This is really a precaution, in-case you’re to be caught out of contract you need to know what you’re in for. This will help you be prepared and be more alert to when your contract is coming to an end.



You can see these in more detail at

Meter Readings

British Gas make it clear and easy to submit your meter readings. The website is brilliantly easy to navigate around.

You can submit your readings in 3 simple ways

  • Submit Them Online - With a clear page to submit your readings, you can choose whether you want to submit gas or electric readings. You’ll then go through a 3-step submission which is nice and easy to use. The best way to manage these are through an online account, that way you can view your history and previous bills.

  • Download the British Gas Business App - This allows you to submit meter readings, pay bills, review your old bills and keep track of your energy usage.

Smart Meters

“A smart meter is a gas or electricity meter that works by sending meter readings to us via a SIM card in the meter, just like a mobile phone. Once you’re connected you don't need to send us meter readings and you'll receive accurate bills. This means you’ll only pay for the energy you use.”

British Gas promote this as the end of sending meter readings, more accurate bills and not having to pay for energy you aren’t using. Upgrading to their smart meters are completely free unless you’re looking to get a new smart meter installed at a new site. For more information on that you’ll need to speak to British Gas directly so they can assess the situation properly.

Business Bills

Ways to Pay:

  • Online - British Gas say the easiest way to pay is by creating an online account. The benefit of this is being able to store all your bills and keep track of what you are spending whenever you need to access it.

  • Direct Debit - When you set up to pay your bills by direct debit you’ll save yourself 7% off your energy costs. Every little help!
  • Bank Transfer
  • At the Post Office or Bank with a Giro Slip
  • Cheque

British Gas provide clear and simple bills, with a breakdown of your spending since your last bill.

It also shows you the price plan you’re on and the amount of notice you need to give before switching plans to a better deal.

Bill example taken from

British Gas’ website is very clear and easy to navigate through, they have a lot of really helpful sections for you as a customer. Including information on boiler servicing, smarter working and an easy way to do almost anything you need to.

Change of Tenancy

As with everything British Gas make moving in or out quite simple, follow their step by step guide online. You can also change your tenancy by phoning them on 0333 2209 320 or writing to them at the Business Move Team. Use their handy checklist to make sure you have everything you need.



  •  “The thing is Trust...and of course they might not be the cheapest, but they are one of the best.”
  •  “Very quick call out, fixed the problem and combined my annual boiler service in the same call saving another visit.”
  •  “The engineer was very punctual and fixed my boiler and serviced it. I had to pay £99 which were VERY REASONABLE.I am very happy and I will always recommend anybody. Being a businessman myself I love a company who gives you good service and do the proper job.”


  •  “Despite many calls they won’t give me a OAP discount. Can't afford big bills so have to turn my heating off.”
  •  “British Gas like all the "Big 6" companies are very bad. They advertise low rates for utilities. But they say nothing about the true hidden cost.”
  •  “Heating and hot water broke down on a Sunday. They booked us if for Friday morning, not the 24hrs cover we pay for. Friday never turned up apparently more urgent customers than us. Eventually arrived Tuesday while we were away”

Reviews taken from

How Much Notice do I Have to Give to Leave?

British Gas require 30 days’ notice before leaving, just make sure you’re out of contract, are up to date on payments and can give them a final metre reading.



They offer a price match on new contracts

They aren’t the cheapest supplier

Friendly and helpful customer services

Sometimes long wait times

Trusted and loyal

British Gas Contact Details

Contact No:

0330 1349461

British Gas Head Office:


Maidenhead Road



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