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BES Utilities Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are BES Utilities?

BES Utilities are a UK-based, independently owned group of companies, comprising Business Energy Solutions Ltd, BES Commercial Electricity Ltd and BES Telecom Ltd. With offices based in Fleetwood, Lancashire, BES Utilities provides commercial electricity, gas, and business telecommunications in the United Kingdom. BES offers a simple, easy and quick way to get a quote and has everything you need in one place, they offer low prices and excellent customer service.

“Founded in 2002 as Business Energy Solutions Ltd, they soon grew, not only their customer base but also the services that they offer. In 2013, BES Utilities was formed through combining Gas, Telecoms and Electricity services. The products that BES provide are designed to help companies save money on utilities bills.”

What makes BES different?

  • Based exclusively in the United Kingdom.
  • Always up to date with the market and relevant changes
  • Easy to read and understand invoices
  • Free smart meters for their customers

Tariffs and offers

The BES gas budget plan payment scheme (BPP) is offered to all customers with an AQ below 293,000 KWh (above which a monthly meter read is required by the industry). The budget plan simply divides predicted consumption by 12 to give you a monthly amount. The predicted consumption is called the AQ and is derived from what the industry holds for your meter, based on historical consumption. This is recalculated and updated once a year to reflect variations in consumption patterns. Your monthly Direct Debit amount will be dictated by this calculation.

BES offer the following plans:

  • 1-4-year fixed rate contracts on fixed price contacts
  • 1-5-year electric contracts with 6 monthly reviews on market costs
  • 1-5-year gas contracts with variable pricing

Out of Contract Tariffs

Why should this interest me? This is really a precaution, in-case you’re to be caught out of contract you need to know what you’re in for. This will help you be prepared and be more alert to when your contract is coming to an end.

You can see these in more detail at

Meter Readings

BES offer 3 simple ways to submit your meter readings:

  • Submit Them Online–BES offer an online account in which you can keep track of everything you need to. Including invoices, payments, moving premises, meter readings and helpful tips. With the successful launch of their customer Online Account system, BES are going to be heading for a paperless future. Online bills are even simpler and easy to navigate through. This can also come in very handy for dealing any previous bills and queries. The customer Online Account system is easy to use and has all the information you need in one place.

  • Submit them online without an online account – Simply fill out the form on their website, no need to log in or sign up for anything. Just make sure you have all the details you’ll need to hand.

  • Call Them - Submit your meter reading over the phone, call them on 0844 5678 427 and submit your reading to one of the customer service team.

Smart Meters

All BES electricity contracts offer a free of charge SMART meter to be installed on sites where possible. A SMART meter is designed to provide BES with accurate, regular information about your energy usage, allowing BES to provide more accurate invoices and reduce the impacts of estimated invoices for long periods.

Business Bills

Unfortunately for now the only option of payment with BES is Direct Debit, this is easily set up either over the phone or through their online mandate.

Change of Tenancy

For BES to close your account and send a final invoice they require an up to date meter reading and forwarding address to send the final invoice. They may request lease agreements or other documents prior to processing a change of tenancy. If you know the details of the new tenants taking over the premises please let them know.

If you are moving to new premises and want to continue being supplied by BES they can arrange a low-cost quote to continue your plan with them.



  •  “Easy sign up with fair pricing - no issues”
  •  ”Recently took over a business premises and had BES sort out Elec, Gas and Telecom. Great to have it all in one place. Easy and quick process.”
  •  ”I am happy with BES, my bills are correct, price is good.”


  •  ”Bad experience they send out messages to pay money without any bills and threaten of charging extra”
  •  ”Absolutely appalling customer service”
  •  ”Probably the worst electricity utility in the UK. Force contract renewals - Beware High prices, Poor customer service, Invoicing errors”

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They offer gas, electricity & telecom all in one place

Invoicing errors

Quick, simple &easy to get quotes

More bad reviews than good

Always keeping up-to-date with market changes and quick to relay benefits to their customers

Complaints of high prices

BES Utilities Contact Details

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BES Utilities

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