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AvantiGas Business Electricity & Gas Prices

Who are AvantiGas?

AvantiGas are a well experienced gas supplier for businesses with centuries worth of development. They are one of the largest suppliers of LPG in the UK but are also a big supplier of natural gas and have biomass options which are renewable. They work very closely with their customers, taking time to get to know your business needs, making sure you have to correct supplies in place and giving you a smooth experience and relationship throughout your time with them. Through the connections and the many years of experience developed, they use this to get the best prices available and to ensure a competitive pricing. They pride themselves on staying ahead and predicting future trends, allowing them to keep stable prices that are competitive for their customers. They're proud to offer simple and straightforward plans to their customers that are perfect for their business gas needs. With such experience in the market and attention towards their customers AvantiGas are a compelling option for many businesses.

AvantiGas offer a practical and simple approach by saying:

"You can be sure of a business gas plan that makes perfect sense. Never complex, and always competitive."

Tariffs and Offers

  • Fixed term – available from 1 to 5 years in length with a fixed commodity and a set standing charge.
  • Variable– this allows your business case costs to track a selected industry index
  • Tariff – when your fixed contract finishes you'll be supplied on tariff rates, this tariff only requires 30 days' notice in advance to move.
  • Reliable and on time deliveries direct to you
  • Automatic top up options for when you're low on gas
  • Excellent customer service teams
  • Personalised contract options
  • Above and below ground tank options

Out of Contract Tariffs

If you move into a new property already being supplied by AvantiGas or haven't agreed a new contract when yours has come to an end, you'll be supplied on deemed rates. So until a new contract is agreed its best to keep in mind the rates you'll be charged at. Deemed rates tend to be higher than standard rates but AvantiGas do try and provide the cheapest deemed rates compared to the competition.

You can see these in more detail at

Meter Readings

AvantiGas will want meter readings when required, these should be taken and submitted to them or else readings will have to be predicted. AvantiGas supply easy and quick options for you to do this.

“It takes no effort to manage once it’s set up, meaning you can spend more time doing what’s important – running your business.”

You can submit these in 2 easy ways

  • Automatically - If you have an automated meter reader installed to your gas supply you won't have to worry taking your meter readings as it will be done automatically. But be aware you might to required occasionally to take a manual reading as backup.
  • Manually - If you don’t yet have the benefits of an automated meter reader you'll have to submit them yourself. This is still simple to do as you can submit the meter reading online or via email, this won't take you too long, make sure to take note of the date of the reading and photo proof on the reading is always welcome.

Meter Readers

AvantiGas will supply and install a meter reader on your premises for you. This meter is for you to be able to safely access your gas meter readings, so if you ever need to access your readings they’ll be easy to get to. Some customers have been set up with automated meter readers, these are great for multiple reasons. They take your meter readings and submit them automatically so you no longer need to remember to take them yourself it also sends them to your online account so you can easy view consumption and it will always be up to date.

Business Bills

Ways To Pay:

  • Your online account with your debit/credit card.
  • At a bank or debit or credit card, standing order or cash.
  • Set up a Direct Debit.
  • Call AvantiGas and pay over the phone.

AvantiGas's website is incredibly informative, contains quick simple forms to help you with anything you wish to do. There online account is simple and contains all the various details you would want about your billing and consumption.

Change of Tenancy

AvantiGas make changing tenancy as easy and pain free as possible for you. You need to complete and submit the form online found at and that’s the majority of the work done. When filling in the form make sure you have your current meter readings. Any details to contact the new tenants are welcome to ensure a smooth transition. You also have the option to phone them alternatively at 0808 208 0000 to notify of the change of tenancy or to get any assistance with the form you need. If you are moving to a property also supplied by AvantiGas you can fill in the online form at to have a hassle-free transfer experience.



  •  “We recently had the need to use the Avanti emergency gas service and I must say they really did perform. From the moment we reported the issue to conclusion they could not have been more professional and responsive”
  •  “Very pleased with the service received. The drivers have been helpful and polite and requests for deliveries have been honoured quickly.”
  •  “Fantastic customer service and response times. Much appreciated”


  •  “What can I say the WORST Company I have ever dealt with. I have been with them for over 6 months and I have been left with no gas numerous times”
  •  “We have ran out of gas, entirely due to Avantigas's error and they have done nothing to remedy the problem except make empty promises”
  •   “Ran out of gas a few days ago as I am not yet used to this method of heating etc so my fault there - phoned up and they unsympathetically told me that despite it being -3 degrees and my having two our children they could not deliver anything earlier than 7-10 day time!”

Reviews taken from

How Much Notice do I Have to Give to Leave?

  •  You will be given a contract term when you choose a plan this will contain your contract end date
  •  If you're on a tariff you can give them 30 days' notice before you want to leave
  •  For anything else check your terms & conditions



Excellent online services and forms

Some have experienced bad delivery times

A large variety of plans to suit all types of business

Customer experiences of being left without gas

Options of plans that use renewable sources to provide energy

Metering options are inconsistent across plan options

AvantiGas Contact Details

Contact No:

0808 208 0000 

Head Office Address:

Avanti House,

PO Box 1100,



S44 5YQ

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