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Business Energy Comparison with is an easy to use business energy comparison service that empowers UK businesses like yours to compare and switch business energy suppliers and save money on your business electricity rates and business gas prices. 

At we believe the best to obtain competitive business electricity prices as well as business gas prices is to speak to the suppliers directly.

We aim to create healthy competition within the business energy market and encourage business energy suppliers to offer competitive prices.

We provide an easy to use service that connects you to a number of business electricity and business gas suppliers who will offer you prices based on your business needs.

Switch energy supplier in three easy steps

The two most important factors to consider when switching energy supplier for your business are first and foremost efficiency and just as important cash savings. By using our service you are guaranteed to meet both these requirements.

Prices vary widely between all the suppliers therefore finding the most suitable supplier can be an arduous and time consuming task, we have done the hard work for you.

If you do not terminate your current contract your supplier automatically extends it for a further twelve months at an increased rate. Use this service to avoid rollover contracts, which is an automatic extension offer from your current supplier. With your rollover contract you are paying typically between 70% to 100% higher charges. A combined potential saving of £1.8 billion is wasted on an annual basis as over 61% of companies chose rollover contracts.

Thirty seconds of your time used to complete the quote can save your SME on average of £2,500 per year.

A crucial part of switching is be sure to terminate your existing contract before you take out a new one. If you miss this important step you may end up paying out of contract rates which tend to be expensive.

Fixed term contracts will certainly save you bigger savings but they are not the only thing that effects your rates. The wholesale price of electricity is the most important thing that impacts the rates.

So why should you switch?

By switching supplier you can save on average 65% to 85% just by moving onto standard tariffs.

How much will it cost me to switch?

This service is free. We encourage the suppliers to offer competitive, cost effective prices.

How long will it take me to find a suitable supplier?

In three simple steps, input very basic details and when you see how much you will save by switching from the energy supplier you currently you use for your business, there will be no decision to make.

All the work is done for you

This service connects you to energy suppliers who will offer you prices based on your usage.

We connect you with the suppliers

Speak directly with the suppliers who will give you a solution that is tailor made for your business.

Six main suppliers in this field are British Gas, Npower, E.on, Extraenergy, Opus Energy and Yu Energy

British Gas

British Gas is by far the most reputable and the largest supplier of residential and business energy in the UK. British Gas provides gas, electricity, new boilers and boiler repairs for residential and business customers. They offer four energy price plans ‚Äď fixed term, variable price plan, deemed rates and an out of contract price plan. The company supplies to almost one million businesses and you can save up to ¬£900 on gas by switching


Npower also supply homes and businesses with gas and electricity. They offer a customised tariff, smarter metering, speedy telephone support and help to save energy and in turn reduce costs. With Npower you get fixed costs, flexible payment options and the freedom to switch.


E.on is a German company that offer no exit fees, free UK call centres, electricity, gas and dual fuel. The company generally works with brokers offering aggressive pricing for SMEs. You can select the plan that suits you, they have competitive fixed price plans for a minimum of one year and maximum of three years. These plans offer you greater control over managing your energy costs. If you opt to pay via Direct Debit there are various discounts that you are entitled to. And there is a free advice service to help you save energy.


Extraenergy is the new kid on the block and their main goal is to save you money. They offer a fixed rate and also energy saving hints and tips.

Opus energy

Ranked as the highest-rated provider in Datamonitor’s B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey, Opus Energy provide business energy throughout the UK to SMEs and larger businesses. Their main aim is to provide high quality service and competitively priced energy.

Yu Energy

A UK based company that specialises in supplying small businesses Yu Energy offer you a personal account manager, a fixed rate and have a Nottingham based call centre ensuring that your calls are dealt with their personally trained staff.

So a quick recap before you switch supplier:

1. Terminate your current existing contract

2. Use the site to cost and compare new suppliers

3. Avoid out of contract rates

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