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Business Electricity Prices

Business electricity prices can vary greatly as well as being very confusing. Unfortunately, for business owners, the prices aren’t transparent in the way domestic energy is. We’ve broken down the differences for you as well as compared the prices available right now.

Business Electricity Suppliers

Does it matter who you choose if they have the lowest prices? Absolutely, you may find certain suppliers better suit your business style and principles. This way you can make an informed decision and be happy with every aspect of your new supplier.

Business Electricity Quotes

Do you want to save big money by switching suppliers? Thousands of businesses have switched already, see what switching could do for you. Follow this simple and easy way to get massive savings on your bills.

Business Gas Prices

Business gas prices aren’t as straightforward as domestic gas. Unfortunately, for business owners, the prices often vary greatly depending on area and usage. We’ve broken down the differences for you as well as compared the prices available right now.

Business Gas Suppliers

With over 50 business energy suppliers in the UK the idea of comparing them all can be hugely overwhelming. Because of that the majority of business owners go straight to the big 6, but it definitely worth comparing the other suppliers and seeing what they’re all about.

Business Gas Quotes

Do you want to save big by switching your gas supplier? Switching could mean massive savings to your business. Follow this simple and easy way to get massive savings on your bills.

Deemed Business Rates

Being caught off guard with deemed rates can cost you a lot of unnecessary charges. This can happen when you move into a new property or if you’ve missed the contract end date. We’ve given a breakdown of all the big suppliers deemed rates, so you can be better prepared.

Electricity Profile Classes

A lot of questions arise for people about Electricity Profile Classes. What are they? How does it affect my business? Can I change my profile class if I’m not happy with it? We break down the differences and where this leaves you as a business.

Commercial Energy Bills

Commercial energy bills can be some of the toughest to understand. Many, unsurprisingly don’t bother trying to understand. We’ve made it simple and outlined the benefits of taking the time to understand these bills.

Half Hourly Meters

What difference does it make having a half hourly meter? Are their drawbacks as well as benefits? We make it easy to understand, help you find out if you have a half hourly meter and see the benefits of switching if that’s what’s best for your business.

Switching Energy Supplier

For every business saving money is vital to success. With that in mind the idea of switching supplier and trying to get the best deal can seem daunting. We consider whether it’s worth it, and how easy it can be if you use the right website to help you.

No Standing Charge Suppliers

Is a no standing charge the cheapest option? For businesses who are seasonal it can be a cheaper option. Alternatively, if you use more of one utility than the other it could affect you too. Either way, it’s worth analysing the facts and deciding which is the best for your business.

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